AVC-5 Arc Voltage Control




Arc Products’ AVC-5 Systems utilize a control and drive unit to maintain precise TIG arc length in automated systems. In long automated welds, the drive counteracts tungsten erosion, keeping the weld zone and heat input consistent throughout the length of the weld. The system is easy to operate and integrates with a wide range of power supplies, torches, and positioners for assembling turn-key automation systems.



AVC 5 Automatic Voltage

Lift-Start Process

Our new, patented Lift-Start process enables reliable, automated, non-HF arc starting on all metals. Upon touching the work piece, the tungsten is preheated for an adjustable time unique to the diameter of the electrode and the type of material being welded. This provides a smooth, consistent arc start, minimizing tungsten inclusion.

AVC-5 Arc Voltage Control Product Brochure


  AVC-5 Arc Voltage Control


  • Acts as weld process master to power supply, DWF-4, and DirectArc systems
  • Integrates with a wide range of power supplies, positioners and multi-process controllers.
  • Standard and Compact drives available to meet your requirements.
  • Integrates with Direct Arc and DWF-4


AVC-5 Arc Voltage Control Unit

The Arc Products’ AVC-5 arc voltage control system maintains a consistent arc length, resulting in increased travel speeds and high-quality, consistent welds even on irregular surfaces. The rugged, microprocessor-based AVC-5 can be used with continuous high-frequency aluminum welding or with all materials requiring start-only HF. It features a microprocessor-based controller.

Advanced capabilities in a simple-to-operate package. A complete system includes either a standard or compact drive unit with two interface cables. Arc Products’ Voltage control systems are fully compatible with all Cyclomatic equipment.

The control Unit can also be used with older drive assemblies built by Cyclomatic, which include the Standard AVC-3 and Standard AVC-4 Drive assemblies and the Compact AVC Drive assembly, provided these drive assemblies are in good working order.

  AVC-5 Arc Voltage Control

Standard Drive Unit

The standard drive unit is a rugged vertical slide designed to minimize mechanical play and backlash. A stepper motor driving a precision lead screw provides motion. Manual up-and-down jog buttons are conveniently located on the side of the unit. Standard stroke length is 6 inches, with a 45-pound lift capacity.

  Standard Drive Unit

Compact Drive Unit

The Compact AVC drive assemblies have a 1” stroke length for use in tight welding areas where physical constraints prevent the use of the Standard 6” stroke drive assembly. A stepper motor driving a precision lead screw provides motion. The high-frequency filter enclosure conveniently mounts near the drive unit, and features up/down jog buttons for torch positioning.

  Compact Drive Unit


Standard or Lift-Start™ arc starting options
Deadband Adjustment
Sensitivity Adjustment
Adjustable Retract Distance
Voltage Range, 5 - 50 VDC
Starting Arc Gap, .01 - .09 in.
Start Delay, 0.1 - 9.9 seconds
Lockout Switch and Indicator
Auto Indicator
Digital Display
Drive Indicator
Manual up/down Jog Switch
Panel/Remote Switch
Voltage Set
Burn-Through Detection
Input Power: 110/220V, 50/60Hz
Net Weight: 13.5 lbs.

AVC-5 Control Unit Product Information

Arc Voltage Control: Drive Unit Specifications
Stroke Length: 6.5 in.
Compensation Rate: 22 ipm max
Manual Rate: 12 ipmLoad Capacity: 45 lbs. at center of torch
Net Weight: 15 lbs.
Dimensions: 18 in. x 3 1/2 in. x 5 1/2 in.

Stroke Length: 1 in.
Compensation Rate: 15 ipm max
Manual Rate: 7.7 ipm
Load Capacity: 10 lbs. at center of torch
Net Weight: 10 lbs.
Dimensions: 5 12 in. x 2 1/4 in. x 3 1/4 in.

Drive Unit Product Information



Arc Voltage Control is used in these industries:

Tank, Cylinder and Pressure Vessel Fabrication
Beam and structural assemblies
Pipe and tubing fabrication

  Arc Voltage Control - AVC

AVC With Seam Tracking

This system utilizes several components to track the edge of a large-diameter pipe. A magnetic oscillator and TIG wire feed system work together with an AVC-5 for high-deposition multi-pass welding. A seam tracking system compensates for side-to-side irregularities.

Compatible with Arc Products:
AVC-5 Arc Voltage Control
DWF-4 Digital wire Feeder
DirectArc™ Magnetic Arc Control


Tube-To-Fitting Stainless Steel

The AVC-5 system enables a two-pass weld consisting of a precise, low-voltage fusion root and then a second fill pass and cap at a higher amperage and voltage. Magnetic oscillation and wire feed were used only on the second pass.

  Tube to Fitting