DirectArcTM Systems


Arc Products’ MA-20 and MA-40 DirectArc™, magnetic arc control systems utilize a control and water cooled magnetic probe mounted at the torch to provide complete control of the TIG arc. Depending on the application, the systems can counteract arc blow, drag and wander, increase penetration, reduce porosity, or smooth the weld puddle. The system is easy to program and integrates with a wide range of power supplies, torches, and positioners for assembling turn-key automation systems.

With Arc Products’ DirectArc™ Systems, you can precisely position, weave, or stabilize the welding arc in any pattern you require - The perfect solution for thick-to-thin material, wide weld joints, and high-speed TIG welding, drawing out impurities and creating cosmetic finishes.

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  • Multiple controls and probes offer precise solutions to various weldment challenges
  • Water Cooled Probe
  • Controls heat distribution on thick-to-thin material
  • Minimizes undercut
  • Reduces porosity
  • Improves penetration
  • Stirring the weld puddle to refine grain structure
  • Integrates with DWF-4 and AVC-5
DirectArc MA-40 Control


DirectArc Systems - Automatic Arc Welding

Magnetic Arc Control is used in these industries:

  • Tube and Pipe Mills
  • Fuel Tanks & Pressure Vessels
  • Military
  • Multi-pass Pipe Welding
  • Repetitive TIG or Plasma Manufacturing
Large Containment Vessel


Stainless Tube Mill

Using two MA-40 magnetic arc controls, two MP-4 probes, and an AVC-5 system, the TIG arc is compressed and oscillated to reduce arc drag and porosity. Increased penetration, consistent seam fusion and very high travel speeds were achieved using the first arc for preheating (oscillating the arc longitudinally) and the second arc for compressing the arc for full penetration welding.



V-PrepJoint on Steel Flange

An MP-1 magnetic probe is used in conjunction with precision wire feed to create a wide weave patterned weld bead, which has equally deep penetration on both sides. The magnetic arc oscillator eliminated the need for a mechanical oscillator.

V Prep Joint on Steel Flange