DWF-4 TIG Wire Feed


Arc Products’ DWF-4 Systems utilize a control, wire manipulator, and a stepper motor drive unit with urethane drive rolls. Exact wire input can be tracked and maintained for high precision applications. The system is easy to program and integrates with a wide range of power supplies, torches, and positioners for assembling turn-key automation systems.

Arc Products’ cold wire feed systems are designed for accurate application of filler wire into the weld or braze area. The DWF-4 is designed to be used for GTAW and PAW processes. The Digital wire Feed System is made up of a positive feeding wire drive with a zero backlash 3-axis wire manipulator. Systems will accommodate wire sizes from .020” dia. (.50mm) to .094” dia. (2.39mm) and feed at an adjustable rate, continuously variable from 0 to 300 inches per minute.

DWF-4 TIG Wire Feed Product Literature



DWF-4 TIG Wire Feed


  • Stepper motor provides exact wire input
  • Jog forward/revers
  • Accurate wire delivery from .1 to 300 ipm
  • Remote inputs to Start/Stop, Wire Feed, Remote Jog
  • Four axis wire guide manipulator
  • Drive rolls accommodate .020”-.062” wire diameters
  • 4 geared drive roll system (standard only)
  • Integrates with Direct Arc & AVC-5



DWF-4 Control Unit

Engineered for easy operation, the all-digital control unit features the following controls:

  • Start Selector Switch selects manual start or remote start.
  • Wire Speed is adjusted by a ten-turn potentiometer and displayed on a digital readout.
  • Speed Control Switch selects front panel, potentiometer or remote speed control signal.
  • Start Delay inhibits wire feed for an adjustable time until the weld puddle has formed.
  • Stop Delay continues wire feed for an adjustable time during end of weld down slope to fill in the crater.
  • Jog controls forward/reverse wire jog at 100 ipm.
  • Retract controls the amount of wire retracted at end of weld in order to prevent wire from freezing in the puddle.
  DWF-4 Control Unit

Wire Drive

The wire drive unit is a compact, fully enclosed drive mechanism. It incorporates four-geared drive rolls driven by a stepper motor through a single pinion. One set of drive rolls, equipped with replaceable polyurethane driving surfaces, accommodates a wire size range of .020 to .062 in, this eliminates the need to change rollers when moving between these wire sizes. Drive roll force is controlled by a single thumbscrew.

  Wire Drive

Wire Guide Manipulator

The wire guide manipulator adjusts the guide tip on three axes. The supplied 3-ft. conduit may be shortened to any length. Special length conduits are also available.

TIG Wire Feed Systems are fully compatible with all Cyclomatic equipment.

  Wire Guide Manipulator


Wire Sizes: 0.020” - 0.093”
Speed Range: 0 - 299.9 ipm
Speed Resolution: 0.1 ipm
Start Delay Range: 0 - 9.9 sec.
Stop Delay Range: 0 - 9.9 sec.
Delay Resolution: 0.1 sec.
Conduit Length: 3’, other lengths available
Drive Cable Length: 8’, extensions available
Power Cable Length: 7.5’
Input Power Requirement: 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Torch Sizes: up to 2” dia.
Control Weight: 13.8 lbs.
DWF-4 Drive Weight: 6.2 lbs.
DWF-4 Conduit and Manipulator Weight: 2 lbs.
DWF-4 System Shipping Weight: 24 lbs.


TIG Wire Feed is used in these industries:

  • Tube and Pipe Mills
  • Fuel Tanks & Pressure Vessels
  • Military
  • Multi-pass Pipe Welding


10 Schedule 80 V-Prep
0.6-inch wall thickness is completed in four passes. High wire feed deposition with magnetic weave fills in and caps a wide weld joint. Deep side wall penetration is achieved with a magnetic oscillator. Each pass requires a different wire feed rate.