Lincoln Electric Adds the New APEXTM 2100 Orbital Welding System

Cleveland – Rugged and portable, the new APEXTM 2100 Orbital Welding System incorporates several new features designed to reduce set up time and ensure accurate high speed TIG welding. Housed in a modular cabinet, the complete system integrates an advanced welding power source, controller, water cooler and accessories required to drive the orbital weld head and pipe clamping system.

New APEXTM 2100 Orbital Welding System features:

  • NEW! APEXTM 2100 Orbital Controller with pendent delivers a fully integrated and synchronized system to monitor, adjust and control welding parameters throughout the welding process while capturing all welding information and data for future analytical and statistical reporting.
  • NEW! HELIXTM T55 Weld Head and patent-pending gear-driven track ring system are designed to be a complete welding solution that is lightweight and easy to install and position on pipes. The sleek and low-profile design allows the HELIXTM T55 to weld in confined or restricted spaces and in locations with lack of visibility.
  • Power Wave® S500, a multi-process power source provides exceptional performance, delivers an extremely fast arc response, includes more than 65 standard welding waveforms for optimized performance on almost any application, and efficiently converts input power to reduce operational costs.
  • Cool Arc® 55 Water Cooler, designed to integrate with the Power Wave® S-Series power sources, reliably cools torches rated up to 500 amps.
  • NEW! APEXTM Mobile Workstation is a heavy-duty, industrial cabinet that houses all the APEXTM 2100 Orbital Welding System components.
    The innovative solution was developed to meet application demands under a variety of environmental conditions, to achieve high productivity rates through advanced system performance, and reduce field serviceability and downtime. The system provides consistent and repeatable weld quality by reducing weld defects.


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