Orbital MIG Welding - Quality Assurance

When it comes to demanding industries like construction or process piping, orbital welds are subject to an exceptionally high standard of quality and productivity. Calibration at the front end of the process can be challenging and time consuming, but the orbital MIG (metal inert gas) welding system meets the challenge.


Orbital MIG Welding  

Quality and productivity are essential, but they don’t have to be difficult to achieve. The Helix M85 welding system offers the kind of versatility and efficiency that you’ve come to expect from the company that has cemented its reputation as the welding experts for more than a century. Choose technology developed by the welding experts and get the best orbital MIG welds possible – the first time, every time.


Orbital MIG Welding Literature


APEX® 3000 Mechanized Controller

The system is driven by Lincoln Electric’s APEX 3000 mechanized controller. The APEX 3000 is governed by Power Wave® technology, which has redefined the industry-wide parameters for quality, consistency and productivity. Each system power supply is interchangeable with any Arclink®-enabled third-generation Lincoln Power Wave machine, which provides the user with all the standard benefits of the Power Wave platform such as Checkpoint and Production Monitoring.

The APEX 3000’s ergonomic hand-held pendant with icon-based interface and full-color screen simplifies the control and monitoring of weld activity in direct sunlight or dark environments.



  APEX 3000 Mechanized Controller

HELIX M85 Weld Head and Track Ring

The Helix M85 as a digital system calculates and controls travel time, weld speed and other variables. It does the front-end work for you – with no operator effort – so you can get to the business of creating consistent, high-quality welds with time spent on welding and none wasted on rework.

The new quick release track ring design allows the operator to install or remove the track in seconds. It also eliminates binding and compensates for work surface heat expansion. The gear-driven track resists wear and ensures quality and consistency.

  Helix M85 Weld Head and Track Ring