Orbital TIG Welding - A Complete Solution

For joining pipes and tubes, our modular systems incorporate all the welding components required for superior orbital welding.


Orbital Welding System   The APEX® 2100 incorporates all of the welding components required for orbital TIG (gas tungsten arc welding). It’s engineered for diverse applications in demanding environments, restricted spaces and locations with lack of visibility. With this system, operators can retrieve specific weld programs for each application to maintain quality control procedures and gather weld information for future statistical reporting. The APEX 2100 orbital welding system includes the following (buy as a package or individually):


APEX 2100 Orbital TIG Welding System

APEX 2100 orbital TIG (gas tungsten arc welding) system is engineered for diverse applications in demanding environments, restricted spaces and locations with lack of visibility.

Apex 2100 Orbital TIG Welding System


  APEX 2100

APEX 2100 Controller & Pendant

The APEX 2100 Orbital Controller is a fully integrated and synchronized system for monitoring mechanical and magnetic oscillation, torch height control (AVC), wire delivery and gas delivery. The lightweight pendant can be held in one hand, allowing the operator immediate access to monitor, adjust and control weld parameters quickly to ensure a reliable and consistent weld. The Controller captures all weld information and critical data, which can be stored on the system internally or exported for analytical and statistical reporting.

Apex 2100 Controller
Apex 2100 Pendant
Apex 2100 Cabinet

  APEX 2100 & Pendant

Power Wave S500

The multi-process Power Wave® S500 is packed with Lincoln Electric performance technology for welding on thicker materials. It provides an extremely fast arc response, includes over 65 standard welding waveforms for optimized performance on almost any application and efficiently converts input power to reduce operational costs.

Power Wave S500 Advanced Process Welder

  Power Wave S500


Cool Arc 55

Designed to integrate directly with the Power Wave S-Series power sources, the Cool Arc® 55 is a rugged, reliable water cooler capable of cooling torches rated up to 500 amps. It is recommended for robotic and hand-held MIG, TIG and plasma cutting applications.

Cool Arc 55 Water Cooler


  Cool Arc 55


HELIX C450 and C663 Orbital TIG Clamp-on Weld Heads

Now, operators can weld not only large, outside diameters with no limit up to flat track welding, they can also weld smaller pipes with an outside diameter ranging from 1.315 to 6.63 inches. The HELIX® C450 and C663 orbital TIG clamp-on weld heads are rugged, compact and easy to install and position on pipes and tubes. Most importantly, they have a water cooled motor housing and torch – a solution to a common overheating problem.

Helix C450 Orbital TIG Clamp-on Weld Head
Helix C663 Orbital TIG Clamp-on Weld Head w/ Onboard Feeder
Helix C663 Orbital TIG Clamp-on Weld Head w/o Onboard Feeder

  Weld On Clamp Heads


HELIX WF20S and WF20B Wire Feeders

Paired with the HELIX® C series are the HELIX WF20S and WF20B wire feeders. They use a precision wire feed motor to ensure correct wire feed speed throughout the weld. Their simplistic designs allow the operator to install new wire spools in under a minute with no tools required.

HELIX WF20S Suitcase Feeder
HELIX WF20B Bench Wire Feeder

  WF20S and WF20B Wire Feeders


HELIX T55 Weld Head

Designed to be lightweight and durable, the HELIX® T55 is portable and easy to install, operate and service. Its low-profile design allows the HELIX T55 to weld in confined spaces. The weld head provides consistent weld speed throughout the welding process and has superior wire feed set-up. One clamp knob secures the tractor to the track ring allowing for quick one person set up and a clutch release disengages the gear from the track allowing the operator to reposition the tractor anywhere on the work surface in seconds.

HELIX T55 Weld Head


  Helix T55

Track Ring

Intuitive track ring design combined with gear-driven, spring loaded system enables the tractor to drive over debris while maintaining a consistent weld. The track ring and shoe extensions can be used on multiple pipe sizes. Each ring comes with mounted shoes containing spring loaded cushions rated up to 800 lbs. to allow for work surface hat expansion, this eliminated binding and ring distortion.

Track Rings



Track Ring


Flat Track

Tracks are also available as a flat track with magnetic shoes for flat welds.

Orbital System Accessories


Flat Track