Standard Control Pendant

Pendants are housed in heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum (1.8 lbs), designed for either hand-held or mounted applications. They feature:

  • Joy Stick control for manual torch positioning
  • Sleek, heavy-duty design
  • Sidetrack Left/Right to bias the sensor for lap joints, horizontal fillets, cladding, etc.
  • Automatic control for sensor seam tracking


  1. Auto Manual Switch
  2. Sidetrack
  3. Joystick
Standard Pendant

APC Pendant

In addition to the above features, the Advanced Programming Control  Pendant includes:

  • Emergency Stop button
  • Manual or Automatic seam tracking modes
  • Sidetrack Left/Off/Right
  • Start Cycle switch used with Advanced Programing
  • Option to start the welding operation
  • Tack Cut-Off switch used with Advanced Programing
  • Control to allow operator to turn the Tack Cut-Off feature on/off


  1. Auto Manual Switch
  2. Sidetrack
  3. Joystick
  4. Start Cycle Light
  5. Start Cycle
  6. Armed Light
  7. Arm Button
  8. Tack Light
  9. Emergency Stop

APC Pendant



Dual Control Pendant

The Dual Pendant for seam tracking simplifies complex jobs by allowing easy control of two weld zones. The Dual Pendant features:

  • Common E-Stop
  • Common start cycle & arc release controls
  • Toggle between systems
  • Independent system controls
  • APC Seam Tracker System required to operate.

APC Pendant