Seam Tracker

Arc Products' tactile seam tracking systems deliver precise automated weld joint tracking for submerged arc and GMAW and FCAW arc welding processes. Ideal for repetitive welding applications, these systems are superior to manual and semiautomatic welding to improve quality and consistency while reducing operational costs. A range of standard systems or customized solutions are available to meet the requirements of many tough production environments.


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Seam Tracker


  • Simple programming and operator interface
  • Integrates with a wide range of power supplies and multi-process controllers
  • The APC model has sequencing capabilities to control the entire weld cycle for position-based or time-based applications
  • APC unit stores up to 19 weld programs

Seam Tracking Systems are used in these industries:

  • Tank, Cylinder and Pressure Vessel Fabrication
  • Beam and Structural Assemblies
  • Pipe and Tubing Fabrication

Gooseneck Trailer Beams

Two seam tracking systems mounted back-to-back welding both web-to-flange fillet welds simultaneously. Each system tracks both welds in real time using a custom sensor tip. This system adjusts the weld torch horizontally and vertically to respond immediately to changes in the weld joint location.

  Gooseneck Trailer Beams

Sub-Arc Welding Semi-Truck And Trailer Wheels

The seam tracking system tracks the press-fit joint between the web and the rim of the wheel. Using a Lincoln sub-arc system, the weld starts and stops at the valve stem hole. The Seam Sensor automatically senses the end of the weld and retracts the torch.

  Sub Arc Welding Semi-Truck and Trailer Wheels

Grain Elevator Augur

One seam tracker is used to track one side of the flight-to-shaft joint, which positions two MIG torches on each side of the flight to weld both sides simultaneously.

  Grain Elevator Auger

Aluminum Fuel Tanks

Two seam tracking systems track the end caps to tank shell lap joint. This is a synchronized welding system which simultaneously welds both end caps. Precise control of both weld zones is acheived with the Dual Pendant for Seam Tracking. The equipment was modified to enable a hotter weld during the overlap portion. Welding speeds of 20 to 35 ipm with 300 ipm wire feed speed were also achieved.

  Aluminum Fuel Tank

The Process

Operator pushes dual pendant start button.
Both weld joints are automatically located.
Weld begins vertical and horizontal changes in the joint are tracked to 0.001”.
End of weld is sensed hot tie-in takes place, weld stops.
Weld heads retract for loading and unloading new tank.
Entire process is completely automatic with the push of a button.


Dual Head Sub-Arc Heat Exchanger

Dual seam tracking system precisely tracks spacing between cobalt tubes for two linear welds using a side beam carriage and two 10 x 10 cross slides. The seam tracking controller positions the Lincoln sub-arc welding torches precisely between the tubing.

  Sub Arc Heat Exchanger

Aluminum Propane Cylinders

One seam tracker is used to track the lap joint in the center of the tank. Since the seam tracker is synchronized with two other MIG torches to weld the handle and the cylinder stand, all three welds take place in one pass.

  Aluminum Propane Cyclinders

Hot Water Tanks

Welding both ends at once using two seam tracking systems, this system achieves very high production rates with minimal equipment cost. This system utilizes short-arc MIG welding on .062” to .125” thick bead blasted steel.

  Hot Water Tanks

Heavy Wall Corrugated Shipping Containers

Utilizing dual MIG-torches and custom probe tips, each torch independently tracks the peaks and valleys of the corrugated sheet metal. This system utilizes high speed cross slides with custom controls. A side beam carriage moves two torches with their cross slides, welding both sides of panel at the same time.

  Heavy Wall Corrugated Shipping Containers