Weld Oscillator

Arc Products’ Weld Oscillator System is a solution for automated MIG and submerged arc welding. The oscillator provides side-to-side motion of the weld gun to produce a wide programmed weave. They are used in a variety of mechanical devices including side beams, seamers, manipulators and custom motion devices. These rugged systems increase production quality, improve the working environment, and lower costs.


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DWF-4 TIG Wire Feed

Weld Oscillator Control

The AP Automation Weld Oscillator is used for high-deposition MIG, Sub-Arc or TIG welding. Solid-state circuitry provides reliable, precise adjustments. The weld oscillator can be used in a variety of mechanical devices: side beams, seamers, manipulators and custom motion devices. This oscillator is an economical solution for high-deposition applications and adds easily to an existing system. Package includes a control unit and motorized slide.


  Weld Oscillator Control

Weld Oscillator Slide

The 5” slide pairs with the control to provide physical side to side motion of the welding gun to produce the programmed weave.


Speed adjustment in two directions
Adjustable dwell times at both ends of travel
Adjustable width & center position
Automatic return to center at stop
Always starts in the same direction
Built-in high-frequency protection
Remote start/stop capability

*May be internally adjusted up to 5 in. (127 mm)
The oscillator comes complete with 10-ft. (3-m) cords for motor and control, and power. An adapter plate is required to attach the weld oscillator to the cross slide.

  Weld Oscillator Slide


Weld Oscillator Chart

Weld Positioners are used in these industries:

  • Tube and Pipe Mills
  • Fuel Tanks & Pressure Vessels
  • Multi-pass Pipe Welding
  • Repetitive TIG or Plasma Manufacturing
  • MIG & Sub-Arc Systems