The first next generation orbital welding head is here.

The HELIX® M85 weld head incorporates digital capabilities in an intuitive ergonomic design, bringing the best-in-class for all of your orbital and linear welding needs, from FCAW to Hot Wire Laser welding and everything in between.

The platform was designed around the advanced / multi-process capabilities of the Power Wave® equipment. The HELIX M85 weld head can weld a variety of standard applications and is capable of utilizing some of the latest groundbreaking welding processes as well. As processes change over time and new capabilities are invented, the HELIX M85 weld head can grow with your needs.

Major upgrades can be accomplished with limited technical capability due to the digital nature of the weld head. To add onboard wire-feeding capability, only a simple Allen wrench is required – everything else just plugs in line with a common control cable. If the weld head gets damaged, simply install a new one on the system and cycle power. No more tedious calibrations and manual verifications before the replacement equipment can be put into service.

The HELIX M85 weld head removes the steep learning curve that is required with most other orbital equipment thanks to simple design efforts. All of the motors and harnesses are packaged inside the weld head, reducing visual confusion when working around equipment. Consideration has been given to highlighting the human touch points on the weld head in red. This enables operators to easily recognize where adjustments can be made. And you can leave your extensive tool chest at home when working with the equipment, too. Day-to-day operations can be completed with minimal tools.

One person can easily mount and dismount the weld head to the patented track ring. This is achieved by the relatively low weight of the weld head and key mechanical capabilities built-in. Ease of mounting the weld head onto the track is accomplished by using two different wheel sizes in the weld head, allowing it to properly engage the track ring and automatically adjust for different track ring diameters. Other solutions require complicated operator alignment efforts to properly mount and align the weld head to their track.

All of this is achieved while still providing the rugged and reliable welding equipment that you have come to expect from the welding experts at Lincoln Electric.


The HELIX M85 weld head is capable of GMAW and FCAW weld travel speeds, but has the precision and accuracy needed for GTAW, Hot Wire GTAW, and Laser operations. Repeatable welds and operations are the key in orbital welding and the APEX® / HELIX® system was engineered for exactly that. To further advance repeatability, the HELIX M85 weld head incorporates an inclinometer to allow automatic weld parameter changes based upon the torches position on the pipe.

HELIX® SF70A-1 & SF70A-2 M85 Onboard Wire Feeder

Powerful, reliable, wire-feeding performance.

The HELIX® SF70A-1 and HELIX® SF70A-2 M85 Onboard Wire Feeders offer precise and accurate wire-feeding performance, with “plug and play” capability that mounts directly to the HELIX M85 weld head. Featuring brushless DC servomotors with encoder feedback, the SF70A-1 and -2 M85 wire feeders help improve quality and consistency over a broad range of wire-feed speeds.

  • Unsurpassed Power Density – High-torque output in a compact lightweight package.
  • Precise Speed Control – High-resolution encoder for precise control over a wide range of speeds.
  • Hassle-Free Adjustment – Toolless adjustment of drive roll tension and feeder placement.
  • Environmental Resistance – Stainless steel hardware and coated PC boards for moisture and corrosion protection.
  • Versatile and Flexible – Drive rolls available in a wide range of sizes for solid, cored and aluminum wire.
  • Synchronized – Both single and dual setups can be synchronized with magnetic oscillation, mechanical oscillation and pulsed amps for unparalleled wire delivery right where you need it.

How to setup your HELIX® M85 weld head for TIG Welding

Ever struggle with configuring a weld head for different applications? Check out how easy it is to configure the M85 for TIG welding.  It’s easy to load wire without disassembling the wire feeder and get the exact angle and wire location.


Optional on-board wire feeders are available for GMAW / FCAW and GTAW welding applications. These wire feeder modules and other available modules make switching between different processes and applications quick and easy. All of this is achieved while still providing rugged and reliable welding equipment that you have come to expect from the welding experts of Lincoln Electric.