For joining pipes, our modular APEX® 2 Series systems have been incorporated worldwide because they contain all the welding features you will need for superior orbital TIG (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) – with real-time accuracy, operator flexibility and more.

APEX® 2100: For the Most Demanding Environments, Including Yours.
The APEX® 2100 Orbital Controller is a fully integrated, fully synchronized system for monitoring mechanical oscillation, torch height control (AVC), wire and gas delivery with superior quality. The lightweight pendant can easily be held in one hand, allowing your operator immediate access to quickly monitor, adjust and control weld parameters to ensure a reliable, consistent weld.

HELIX® C Series Weld Heads: Two Models to Weld 1.3” (3.3 cm) to 6.625” (16.8 cm)
Our HELIX® C450 and C663 clamp-on weld heads are rugged, compact, and easy to install and position on tubes and pipes. The HELIX® C series weld heads are engineered to perform consistent and repeatable welds. Both come standard with Arc Voltage Control (AVC) and Mechanical Oscillation, making precise, repeatable welds a reality for even the inexperienced operators. Accurate wire placement at the arc is handled by our three-axis wire feed mechanism, allowing quick, simple adjustments when needed at start-up. A travel clutch is also incorporated to make torch positioning easy. A variety of standard clamping shoes are available to match your tube or pipe size, with non-standard custom sizes also available. Torch tilt, for use in fillet weld applications, and lead / lag adjustment brackets are optional, increasing the flexibility and function of this system.

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Hundreds of companies worldwide trust Lincoln Electric’s APEX® 2 systems across a wide variety of industries. So you trust us to deliver high quality products and superior training.