DirectArc Magnetic Arc Control Systems—the Problem Solver

Solving Arc Blow
Arc Blow occurs when stray magnetism in the fixture or surrounding equipment pulls the arc to the left or right out of the seam alignment. This causes lack of penetration and possibly an un-welded section that must be reworked or scrapped. The DirectArc Magnetic Arc Control Systems creates a strong magnetic field at the arc that overpowers the stray magnetism, which we can control to provide consistent, repeatable welds.

Preventing Arc Drag
In high-speed welding applications, Arc Drag reduces the penetration and quality of the weld because the arc actually follows the material’s direction as it passes below the torch. This increases the arc voltage and can cause erratic arc behavior. Our DirectArc Magnetic Arc Control Systems overcomes this problem by applying a strong magnetic field at the arc into the direction of travel, positioning the arc directly below the electrode, thereby regaining the penetration and quality of the weld.

Reducing Porosity
Porosity can be caused my many things from trapped gases in the puddle to impurities in or on the material. DirectArc Magnetic Arc Control Systems eliminates this by stirring the puddle using a magnetic field, similar to an operator “Walking the Cup,” bringing the gases and impurities to the surface of the material.

Eliminating Undercutting
Undercutting is a difficult problem to control because you need sufficient amperages / heat to join the members of the weld, but too much heat will dig into the sidewalls and cause undercutting, cracking and a possible lack of fusion in multi-pass welds. This is particularly difficult on thick-to-thin materials, where the higher amperages required to melt the thicker material will undercut the thinner member or possibly burn though it. The DirectArc Magnetic Arc Control Systems prevents this by creating a weave pattern with different dwell times to concentrate the heat on the thicker material while sweeping down to pick up the thinner material.

DirectArc Solutions
The DirectArc Magnetic Arc Control Systems offer solutions to the above problems but these systems can also provide contouring of the weld bead to minimize second operations and improve the appearance of the weld. The DirectArc systems bolt directly onto your present torches, immediately improving both weld quality and productivity. Predominately used in Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) and Plasma Arc Welding (PAW) applications, the DirectArc systems also benefit Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) and Spray Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW Spray) applications by minimizing arc blow and arc drag, focusing the arc placement where it is needed—beneath the welding torch. Capable of offering benefits in ferrous (mild / carbon steel) and non-ferrous material (aluminum, stainless steel) in both AC and DC welding applications, DirectArc systems offer the same benefit to the weld and bead contour no matter which process is used.